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  • Paul Levrie en Rudi Penne organizeren de volgende Math Jam in Antwerpen op 24 januari 2017.


  • The local organizing committee of the ILAS 2016 conference in Leuven consisted mainly of nalag members.


  • Hendrik Speleers (PhD nalag 2008) takes up a position at University of Rome Tor Vergata (Department of Mathematics) Roma, Italy, April 2014.
  • Andrey Chesnokov (PhD nalag 2011) takes up a postdoc position at NTNU Trondheim on November 24, 2014.
  • Paul Levrie & Rudi Penne winnen met De pracht van priemgetallen een van de onderscheidingen wetenschapscommunicatie


  • Paul Levrie in Campuskrant 26 maart 2014


  • Paul Levrie celebrates pi-day 3/14 (2014)


  • Boek: De pracht van priemgetallen door Rudi Penne en Paul Levrie


  • Karl Deckers PhD nalag 2009 takes up a position UniversitĂ© des Sciences et Technologies de Lille.
  • The nalag research pages are being modified. We are sorry for any inconveniences this might temporarily cause.
  • The nalag web pages have been moved to a new location on May 30, 2010. Please notify our webmaster if some of the links are dead or if pages do not render properly.
  • Now out: Leren werken met MATLAB
    Karl Meerbergen. Nico Scheerlinck. Yvette Vanberghen.
  • Now out: The birth of numerical analysis.
    Edited by A. Bultheel and R. Cools.
  • Hendrik Speleers has been awarded a fellowship by the Research Foundation Flanders to stay for 10 months at the Center for Constructive Approximation, Vanderbilt University. From September 2009 until June 2010, he will collaborate with prof. Larry Schumaker on the topic of shape preserving approximation.
  • Jens Hermans wins the Jos Schepens prize 2008 with his master thesis Optimalisatie van binnenscheepvaart
  • New book: Vandebril R., Van Barel M. and Mastronardi N., Matrix Computations & Semiseparable Matrices Volume I: Linear Systems, 570 pages and Volume II: Eigenvalue and Singular Value Methods . Johns Hopkins University Press. 2007.
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  • Frederik Vercauteren, master thesis student 1998-99, established the world record "counting points on an elliptic curve".
    See the article in Campuskrant (In Dutch). Also available in pdf; and the article from Veto (In Dutch) or see also here.
  • Wim Sweldens, PhD student of our department (PhD 1994) is among the top 100 innovators of the 20th century.
    See here for an extract from the Technology Review article.


NALAG = Numerical Approximation and Linear Algebra Group

This is the homepage of the Numerical Approximation & Linear Algebra research group (NALAG) at the KU Leuven.


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